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Looks like we just found you a new bestie!  This organic cotton Reusable mesh bag doubles up as a stylish summer bag  (and every other season too!) It will take care of all your little things just the way you like it. Carry it along to the beach, yoga,  gym, or just a cup of coffe with your friends! an effortless style statement while the planet breathes easy!   

These mesh net bags-set of 3 are made of 100% organic cotton cloth material. Measuring 14 x 14 inches in size, these grocery bags can store up to 20 pounds & are best replacement for paper, polythene and plastic bags.These cotton bags are versatile, they can be used as home food storage containers, banana holder, basket with handle, grocery bag holder, fridge organizer bag, potato & garlic bag for kitchen, utility bag, etc.

Navy, Green & Yellow

Machine wash in cold water to avoid shrinking - line dry

These cotton bags are washing machine friendly and will last several uses for years! Ethically made in certified manufacturing facilities that run on solar power & sent out in biodegradable packing.

Bristles are actually soft and help in cleaning the teeth perfectly.

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The company was established in 2020 in Calicut, Kerala, India to promote the production and marketing of sustainable products like eco-friendly bags, biodegradable toothbrushes, and other zero plastic necessities.

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